Opera 10 beta was released today!


Opera 10 beta was released today, with great improvements made comparing to the 10 alpha. It is available for download and the new features are:
1. More options are adjustable for speed dial with a maximum of 5 x 5; user-defined pictures can be used as background
2. Supporting tab preview
3. Frequently used functions can be grouped on one side
4. Turbo mode allows user to decide whether to play Flash objects
5. Supporting some of the Opera Dragonfly debugging mode that checks DOM and HTTP header
6. Auto updates
7. Mails can be Edited under HTML and scheduled for deletion in POP3 mode
8. Enabling spell check
Moreover, the interface and appearance are designed by Jon Hicks who, allegedly, used to work with a firefox team. Opera Mobile 9.7 also entered the last stage of development and is also equipped with Opera Turbo.
See more pictures and Videos after the break; for the interface of Opera 10 beta 1, check out the gallery.

Opera今天发布了10 beta版,接口与功能与10 Alpha有着很大的进步,并且已经在今天开放下载,现将更新重点整理如下:

1.Speed dial可以调整的选项更多,数量最多可到5 × 5,而且背景可放自订图片
5.支持部份Opera Dragonfly除错模式,可检查DOM和HTTP标头

另外,接口与外观是由一位叫Jon Hicks所设计,据说他之前在Firefox团队工作。另外,Opera Mobile 9.7已经进入了最后开发阶段,而且也支持Opera Turbo。

跳转之后可看更多图片与影片,Opera 10 beta 1界面请参考图集。

Opera 10 beta 1下载:请点我 看SG,猛击这里

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